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Herlogas Successfully Completed Molten Salt Melting of Noor CSP Plants

Reported form CSPPLAZA: Morocco will start full operation of Noor Ouarzazate solar complex in October according to MASEN. With totally 580MW installed capacity, including first three phases of solar thermal plants with a capacity of 510MW, the process of the molten salt used in Noor CSP plants is also an important proceeding.

Herlogas has played a key role in the salt melting of Noor 1, Noor 2 and Noor 3. Months ago Herlogas has successfully completed in NOOR 2, the largest salt melting in the world with one furnace, 89,730 tons of melts in 109 days, making an average of 823 tons/day. In this project also Herlogas has been responsible for heating the four tanks of salts of the thermosolar plant.

Herlogas has also successfully completed the process of salt melting of the thermal solar plant of Noor 3. In this project Herlogas also is responsible for heating the two tanks of salts of the thermal solar plant.

Besides, in 2015 Herlogas performed the process of salts melting and heating of the two salt tanks of the thermal solar plant of Noor 1, and this plant goes on well so far.

New milestone at the NOOR 3 CSP plant adds to the long history of Herlogas in more than 30 thermal solar projects with thermal storage in different countries (Spain, USA, South Africa, Morocco, Israel, Kuwait), having successfully carried out the heating of more than 76 tanks of salts and molten more than 480,000 tons of salt.

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