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ASHALIM Plot A Has Completed the Preheating of The Salt Tanks

HERLOGAS has completed the preheating of the salt tanks and the salt melting process of Israel’s largest solar thermal project, ASHALIM.

In this project HERLOGAS has successfully performed the preheating of the two salt tanks (cold tank and hot tank). After preheating the cold tank to the temperature of 360ºC, HERLOGAS has successfully completed the melting process of the 45,000 tons of salt, until the tank is filled.

ASHALIM Plot A CSP Plant is in the middle of the Neguev desert in Ashalím, a small town in the region, near Be’er Sheva. This plant which will have a power of up to 110 MW of electricity, which will mean clean energy for more than one million homes. The plant, built 67.5% by the Israeli Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh Infrastructure, and 32.5% by the Spanish group TSK. The power plant including an energy storage facility that will enable electricity production to continue uninterruptedly, even during cloudy days and at night time.

This new project adds to the long history of Herlogas in more than 30 thermosolar projects with thermal storage in different countries (Spain, EEUU, South Africa, Morocco, Kuwait) having successfully carried out the preheating of more than 73 salt tanks and melted more than 630,000 tons of salt. This new project reaffirms Herlogas in the field of renovable energies and confirms Herlogas’ commitment to climate change.

Source: http://www.herlogas.com/es/

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