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Globle First! New dish string technology configurable molten salt heat storage system can realise cogeneration
2018-09-17 15:47:14    

Reported from CSPPLAZA: The inability to configure the heat storage system makes the dish stirling CSP technology encounter bottlenecks in the commercialization process.

The good news is, the first generation SUNSAIL dish solar concentrating collector system(integrating the advantages of tower, parabolic trough and dish technology) developed by Focusing Solar Science and Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd( short for Focusing Solar) not only solves the inconvenient configuration of thermal energy storage system for dish string technology, but also realizes the cogeneration. The following figure shows that this system is being constructed in Qinghai Delingha.

SUNSAIL Solar Sail System is mainly composed of optical system, heat absorption and heat storage system, main structure, power and transmission system, and drive, feedback and control system. The first set of high-temperature tanks has a storage capacity of 2 hours.

The SUNSAIL system is flexible and can be used for both distributed and centralized power generation, and the power generation process does not require water. In addition, another highlight of the SUNSAIL system is that its new molten salt Stirling machine will use good cylinder dynamic sealing technology.

In addition to cogeneration, the SUNSAIL system can be widely used in energy off-grid areas to adapt to the industrial energy market’s temperature requirements of 600 °C ~ 1300 °C.

This video shows how the system works.

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