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Global CSP installed capacity increased to 6069 MW In 2018, grew 18.23%
2019-01-14 14:54:16    

Reported from CSPPLAZA, the installed capacity of global CSP projects increased 936 MW in 2018, and the total installed capacity reach to about 6069 MW, compare to 2017, increased 18.23%. Among them, 215 MW of new installed units are added to China’s CSP market.

Table: Installed capacity of global CSP station from 2012 to 2018

Mainly due to the rise of market in Morocco, China, South Africa, Israel and Saudi Arabia. In 2018, several large commercial CSP stations put into operation this year.

Morocco: 350MW

By the end of 2018, Morocco’s 510MW Ouarzazate Solar Complex has been fully completed. In 2018, the 200 MW Noor 2 trough CSP station and the 150 MW Noor 3 tower CSP station were put into operation, added 350 MW new installation capacity.

China: 215MW

By the end of 2018, three commercial CSP stations had been put into operation: CGN 50 MW trough demonstration project in Delingha, Supcon 50 MW tower CSP demonstration project in Delingha, Shouhang 100 MW tower project in Dunhuang, bringing in 200 MW new installed capacity. In addition, Tarasolar 15MW Fresnel concrete heat storage CSP plant brings another 15MW to the grid. In 2018, China achieved the largest installed growth rate in the history of China’s CSP industry.

South Africa: 200 MW

In early December 2018, the100MW Ilanga CSP1 trough CSP plant in South Africa was put into operation. In November 2018, another 100 MW Kathu solar one trough CSP station was connected to the grid for the first time. This helped South Africa achieve a total installed capacity of 500.56 MW.

projectcapacitycomplete time
Kaxu solar one100MW2015.3
Khi solar one50MW2016.2
Xina solar one100MW2017.8.16
Kathu solar one100MW2018.11
Ilanga CSP 1100MW2018.12

Table: CSP projects have been completed in South Africa

Israel: 121MW

In 2018, the Ashalim tower CSP project has been completed for the first time. The project is located in the northern Negev Desert, Israel, with installed capacity of 121 MW. It uses DSG technology with no energy storage system. It covers an area of 315 square kilometers, has a reflection area of 105,000 square meters, the plant installs more than 50,000 heliostats and (250 meters tower (including heat absorbers). Its Total power generation can provide 1% of Israel’s peak electricity demand.

Saudi Arabia: 50MW

In July 2018, Waad Al-Shamal, an ISCC combined cycle power plant began operation. The total installed capacity of the power station is 1390 MW, among which 50 MW is CSP station. This is Saudi Arabia’s first CSP ISCC combined cycle power plant and its first commercial CSP project.

Table: Newly installed CSP stations in various countries in 2018

Table: The total capacity of CSP stations in various countries in 2018

Looking forward to 2019, the global CSP market is expected to achieve a significant growth. Israel 121MW Ashlim trough station, Kuwait 50MW Shagaya trough station, China 50MW Hami tower station, China 50MW Gonghe tower station, China Inner Mongolia 100MW trough station , the Luneng 50 MW tower project, etc., Chinese CSP market is expected to make an important contribution to global CSP installation capacity again.

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