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Global CSP Installed Capacity Increased to 5017 MW by the End of 2016

Report from CSPPLAZA: According to statistics from CSPPLAZA research center, Global CSP installed capacity growth rate slowed in 2016, only increasing 76.86MW on the basis of 4940MW of 2015. The total global CSP installed capacity reaches around 5017MW, and the growing rate is only 1.56%. However, with the rapid development of emerging markets including Morocco, South Africa and China, it is predicted that global CSP installed capacity will have a huge increase in the near 2 years.

South Africa——50MW newly installed capacity

South Africa has the largest newly installed capacity. On February 5th, Abengoa announced that South Africa’s first tower CSP plant——KhiSolarOne has went into commercial operation. Till the end of 2016, plus the 100MW KaXuSolarOne parabolic trough CSP plant which was online on March 2nd, 2015 and the 50MW Bokpoort parabolic trough CSP plant which was online on December, 2015, the total capacities which have been already online in South Africa reached at 200.56MWe.

At the same time, 100MW Kathu trough CSP project, which was a project of the third phase in REIPPPP plan, has begun construction formally in October, 2016. The project, equipped with a 4.5 hours heat storage system, was located in Northern Cape, South Africa. The planned construction period is 28 months. The consortium made up of Sener and Acciona is the general contractor of this project’s EPC.

Till the end of 2016, there are three under-construction CSP projects in South Africa, which are XinaSolarOne developed by Abengoa, Kathu developed by Engie and Ilanga1 developed by Emvelo, with a total capacity of 300MW. The above three projects are all winning projects of the third phase in REIPPPP plan. These three projects are expected to be connected to grid in 2017 or 2018. XinaSolarOne, which is developed more rapidly than the other two projects, is expected to be online in the second quarter of 2017. RedStone, which is also a project of the third phase, is broke down because of the failed PPA agreement.


Global CSP Installed Capacity

China——10.2MW newly installed capacity

With a total newly installed capacity of 10.2MW, China market has showed a great achievement in 2016. Including Shouhang Dunhuang 10MW molten salt tower CSP plant that has been online on December 26th and Aksai 800m molten salt trough test loop with an installed capacity of 200kW that has been online on October 12th, the total installed capacity of China CSP has reached at 28.3MW. Although Supcon Delingha 10MW molten salt tower CSP plant has been online on August 20th, 2016, it’s a modification project based on the previous 10MW DSG project. So it will not be included in the newly installed capacity of 2016.

At present, the projects under construction in China include testing pilot projects such as small-scale pilot projects from Chinese Academy of Science 863 trough CSP research, Zhaoyang Zhangjiakou 15MWe fresnel modification CSP project and Dacheng Dunhuang 10MW fresnel molten salt project, as well as commercial demonstration projects such as CGN Delingha 50MW trough project, Shouhang Dunhuang 100MW tower project and Supcon Delingha 50MW tower project.

As the official release of Fit-in-Tariff policy and other relevant favorable policies in China, China will embrace a massive growth of installed capacity in 2018.


Global finished CSP project Installed Capacity

Australia——13MWe newly installed capacity

In Australia, there are 2 new CSP projects in 2016, total capacity around 13MWe. In 2016, 1.1MWe modular tower CSP pilot project developed by Vast Solar was put into operation in Jemalong Australia. The project is made up of 5 modules, including 3500 heliostats and 5 collector towers. The installed capacity of each module is 1.2MWth. And the tower height is 27m.

On October 6th, 2016, the world’s first integrated energy project based on CSP technology enabling horticultural activities, which is developed by Danish Aalborg CSP for Sundrop Farms, was formally online. The project has an installed capacity of 36MWth. Its tower CSP system is provided by eSolar. Daylighting area of solar field is 51505m2. This project can supply multiple energy streams including heating, electricity and desalinated water for horticultural activities. According to thermoelectricity conversion efficiency, this project is 11.9MWe.


Global new added CSP Installed Capacity

America——2MW newly installed capacity

America has 2MW newly installed capacity. On March 29th, 2016, Stillwater——the world’s first solar-geothermal hybrid power plant, which is located in Nevada, US, was formally online. The capacity of its trough CSP system is 2MWe.

On February 22nd, SolarReserve announced that Crescent Dunes——110MW molten salt tower plant was formally put into operation at its full 110 MW capacity. In fact, the plant has entered the stage of trial operation since November 2015. But the SolarReserve side has not given official announcement. This project has been listed in the newly installed capacity of 2015, and will not be included in 2016 list.

Morocco——1MW newly installed capacity

Morocco has 1MW newly installed capacity. In September, 2016, Italian Enerray built a 1MW Fresnel CSP ORC plant in Morocco. This plant is a project of IRESEN (a research institution of solar and new energy), and its daylighting area is 11400m2.
On February 4th, 160MW Noor1——Morocco’s first large-scale commercial CSP plant formally went into operation. The commissioning date was originally set on November 27th, 2015, but Morocco government terminated it and put it off to February 4th. The commissioning of this plant set a new record at 160MW of trough single capacity. This project has been listed in the newly installed capacity of 2015, and will not be included in 2016 list.

Italia——0.66MWe newly installed capacity

Italia has 2MWth newly installed capacity. In July, 2016, the world’s first tower CSP demonstration project which uses sun-heated sand to produce energy held opening ceremony. This plant, with an installed capacity of 2MWth and equipped with 786 heliostats, adopts secondary reflection heat collecting technology. The plant covers an area of 2.25 hectares, located in the northwest of Sicily.The core technology the project is using is STEM, which is short for Solar Thermo Electric Magaldi and is a solar steam generator technology based on air or sand. This project is the first plant that tested the STEM technology on the scale of megawatt. According to thermoelectricity conversion efficiency, this project is 0.66MWe.

Nation Total Installed Capacity Increasing Installed Capacity of 2016 Notes Growing Rate




Because of deterioration of renewable energy policy in Spain, CSP plants have no new increasing capacity.





Newly installed Stillwater 2MWe hybrid CSP station. Solar Reserve announced the construction of the 2GW Sandstone tower CSP plant in Nevada, the USmarket is expected to continue to grow in the future.





in 2016, India did not add a new plant to run. JNNSM plans to issue a total of 7 project with capacity of 470MW only 3 of them put into operation .





The new installed IRESEN1MW Fresnel thermal ORC power plant





New installed Khi Solar Onetower solar thermal power plant.





In the operation :100MW Shams1 parabolic trough CSP station  and a 100kWe dish plant.





The operating project now is combined cycle plant, Hassi R’mel ISCC with 25MWe.





The operating project now is combined cycle plant, Kuraymat ISCC with 20MWe.



about 28.3MWe

about 10.2MWe

The new increasing installed capacity is Shouhang Dunhuang 10MW molten salt tower CSP plant , Gansu Aksay, 800 meters loop with 8 hours of energy storage system





The operating project now is combined cycle plant, Yazd ISCC with 17MWe and a demonstration project with 0.25MWe.



about 19MWe


Newly installed for Vast Solar 1.1MWe tower demonstration plant and 36MWth Sundrop farm project.





The new capacity is a 2MWth tower project inSicily Italy, use sand as TES





Israel in the development of 240MW project. Including the 121MW Ashalim1 station under construction, 121MW Ashalim2, in the early stage of development.



about 2.3MWe


Abengoa in Chile’s first commercial tower molten salt CSP station 110MW Atacama1 project was restored in December ,2016, the project Suspened due to the Abengoa bankruptcy crisis.





The constructed project is Thai Solar Energy 1 DSG, parabolic trough plant with 5MWe. But this plant has been stopped operation as a result of technology problem.



about 2.3MWe


1GWth solar Miraah EOR project is under construction, first phase will put into operation in 2017.


Saudi Arabia



Saudi Duba1 and WaadA