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Germany SBP's Localization Development Toward Trough Collectors And Tower Heliostats
2018-07-18 15:03:02    

Reported from CSPPLAZA:On 20~22 June 2018, in Beijing, Markus Balz,General Manager of Germany Schlaich Bergermann Partner attended the Fifth China International CSP conference and CSPPLAZA annual meeting (CPC2018), in which he delivered a speech around SBP’s localization development toward trough collectors and tower heliostats.

Up till now, SBP in total has project implementation experience of CSP technology across eight countries in the world and can provide customers with  EuroTrough technology ultimate trough technology and the Stellio heliostat technology. SBP has supplied solar field technology into China’s first batch of CSP demonstration projects, China Guangdong Nuclear Solar Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP Demonstration Project, Urat Middle Banner Conduction oil Parabolic Through 100MW Solar-Thermal Power Generation Project and China Power Engineering Consulting Group Northwest Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. Hami 50MW Tower Molten Salt CSP Demonstration Project.

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