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Five bidders compete for solar field bidding of CGN’s Delingha CSP project

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Updated: 27-Aug-2015

Yesterday( 26-Aug-2015), solar field bidding of CGN’s Delingha CSP project was held in Genertec Plaza, Beijing. This round is for technology selection. Price bidding will be held successively after the Bid Evaluation Committee’s closing this bidding.

Five bidders were involved

There are altogether 5 bidders participating in this bidding, respectively are: consortium of No.703 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation & SEPCOI Electric Power Construction Corporation, consortium of Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co.,Ltd and SEPCOII Electric Power Construction Corporation, Northeast Electricity Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group, North China Power Engineering Co. Ltd., of China Power Engineering Consulting Group, and SXED of China Energy Engineering Corporation Ltd..


Abengoa was unexpectedly absent from the bidding

The situation is a little discrepant from the formerly expected, among which the most significant is CSP giant Abengoa’s sudden absence. Earlier, Abengoa prepared all the bidding documents required for participating in the bidding, even a day before the bidding open(25 Aug), the company were determined to attend. People are extremely surprised by this sudden change. In fact, Abengoa had previously planned to form a consortium with some power design institute to make joint bidding, but its absence tells us that the cooperation was not successfully reached.

Abengoa’s dropping out of this bidding leaves Ener-t the only overseas company involved in EPC of this project. Providing its self-developed solar field trough technology, Ener-t will be the subcontractor invited by SXED. Other bidders mostly need to buy the License of EuroTrough from Germany-based SBP, the owner of EuroTrough technology.

Bid bond is as high as CNY14 million(USD2.1868M)

CGN’s 50MW Delingha project is China ‘s first commercial-scale CSP project. Its EPC issue captures most attention since EPC part involves a wide range of companies and it is the most cost-consumption link. In fact, this bidding should have been carried out on 5th Aug, and for some reason, it is delayed to 26th Aug. As for price bidding, to which all parties pay close attention, it is expected to open around two weeks later.


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  1. Wow, very important tender.
    Good luck to Ener-t. They did excellent work in their pervious CSP projects.

    • Yes, very important bidding since this project carries the initial meaning of China’s commercial-scale CSP project. Good luck to all.


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