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Exclusive Interview With Jürgen Kern, Senior Research Associate of DLR

Report from CSPPLAZA

As the international authoritative institution in the field of CSP, German Aerospace Center(DLR)focus on the R & D and demonstration, the test of the CSP products, research and consultancy of CSP project and other field of the CSP technology, and have made great contribution to take the CSP industry to a worldwide stage.

Jürgen Kern is the senior research associate of DLR who concentrated in the CSP industry. And on China International CSP Station Conference & CSPPLAZA 2015 Annual Meeting held in June 25th-26th in Beijing, China, CSPPLAZA and the related media journalist interviewed this senior expert in order to have a deep understanding of the CSP related questions.

CSPPLAZA: The first question is, at the recent stage, how do you think of the Chinese CSP industry and technology development?

Jürgen:We are looking very interested what’s happening in China, because we have seen a lot of China effects in the pasts, China effect means that China companies which very powerful, especially in the field of cost reduction, take over technologies, that has been sometimes been developed in Europe and Germany, and bring it to a big market. So actually CSP is only a very small market, we have only achieve up to 4GW of installation world wide. This sounds good, but compare to wind, fordwartag, it’s more. So with Chinese policy patience, Chinese companies, that would be a good challenge, but also a good advantages in bring CSP to a huge worldwide market.


CSPPLAZA: How do you think of ‘The cost of the global CSP won’t come down until China take participate in the industry’that discussed in the conference?

Jürgen:I think a very important issue in CSP is cost reduction and economy of skills, so we have to go to higher production rates, actually, most of the CSP projects all over the world have been constructed project by project, but not continuously muss production, and this would help, China has a huge market itself, so the market for CSP in China on the long term is 1000GW, or even more, it’s a huge market itself, but it also would help global market to feed with companies and project from China to bring the price down.

CSPPLAZA: How do you think of the strange phenomenon appeared in China that ‘The industry is waiting for the policy, and the policy is waiting for the industry in turn’? Will the international industry consider this issue when they enter the Chinese market?

Jürgen:I think it is a big issue, several countries solved or trying to solve this problems in creating expert groups which compiling the opinion of the industry, compiling the need of research, and bringing it in a compiled report to the government, I think it been some kind of an advisory circles with experts, I think it’s very necessary, some kind of advisory report. For example, the government wants to have an opinion of CSP, who is the one being ask? They pick out some people, but it not general opinion of CSP, and these expert group helps, to catalyze, to organize the opinion and knowledgeable CSP.

CSPPLAZA: Do you think this method is the same efficient in China?

Jürgen:I think so. We have had these procedures in different countries, Germany, Europe, I’m very often in Arabian countries, the Gosies, and this helps to get more complications, more knowledge in the field of CSP, we can assist gorvenment, we call it policy adviser, so we can prepare and answer to that question. And it has to be of course has to be done with expert from China which maybe assisted with foreign experts. But it can not be done completely by foreign, of course not.

CSPPLAZA: What are the difficulties you know when other country, especially the country you know, when they are corporate with China?

Jürgen:I’m not so experienced in the corporation with China, but I think its very helpful, the language maybe one problem, so I think its very helpful to have a common language to discuss every topic, this is very exception. Sometimes looking into the past, also culture aspects has been limitations, for example, the IP, the intellectual property, that we have different opinion, different culture, than you have in China. So this is sometimes a barrier.

CSPPLAZA: Your presentation yesterday is very popular among the audience, can you give us a logical summarize about your main point?

Jürgen:I think one point is that is a huge potential, of all renewable energies, wind, biomass, but especially solar, which has a huge potential. Second is we have already a big part former of technology which available, third, it is very important to have a long term strategy for the implementation of these technologies, a long term stable strategies. So I may also given an example, when you want to go to the top of the mountains, you need to have first go, and then need a plan, the plan that really works, and then you have to start. So that’s a recommendation to built up a plan, to built up a strategy which start today, not in ten years, which start today but has a consistent way up to the future, on the future, from my point of view at least 2050.

CSPPLAZA: What do you want to say to the decision makers of China at last?

Jürgen:I think is on the assumption I just give on the 4 point, establish, especially for CSP but for all renewable, establish community on different levels, politics, science and commercials, developed plan, developed road maps, and then follow these world maps, you might adjust these world maps, of course, when you see that changes you might changes, but have a stable planning, and follow the planning with these adjustments.

Note: This interview was fulfilled under the leading of Xu Qiuling, who is the journalist of China Electric Power Media Group.

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