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Ener-t International Successfully Completed The Contract for DPR for Setting up Experimental CSP Plant at India

Ener-t is proud and excited to announce that the project design for the National CSP R&D center at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India has been completed successfully.

Ener-t was awarded by the Govt. of India Consortium of leading India public sector heavyweights Indian Oil Corporation Limited (https://www.iocl.com/) Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (http://www.bhel.com/home.php) and leading engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur (http://www.iitj.ac.in/) to design and prepare a detailed project for CSP Research and Development Centre.

The proposed project has been designed to become the world’s latest and single largest R&D Centre spearheading innovation, research, development and testing of the three prevalent CSP technologies: one-half SCA each of Parabolic Trough with thermal oils, solar salt, water-steam as Heat Transfer Fluid; one Central Tower with one 150 kW heliostat field and three tower cavities for molten salt, steam-water and volumetric receivers and provision of another heliostat field for testing newly developed heliostat designs; three Linear Fresnel systems of 150 kW capacity each with thermal oil, steam-water and solar salt heat transfer fluids; nine combinations of Thermal Energy Storage systems with thermic fluid, solar salt, air, PCM, metal as heat storage materials complete with Laboratory facilities for heat transfer and thermal storage materials, mechanical lab, thermal testing lab, optics lab, process and thermodynamic department.

With the implementation of this prestigious project, India would have a world-class R&D center to lead its effort to reduce costs of CSP components systems, materials and technologies; localizing manufacturing and gain from the reliability and the dispatchability advantages that CSP offers, and to integrate it into the national grid for the benefit of the industry and the people of India.

Ener-t thanks the Consortium partners, its project member-partner Acira Solar (http://www.acirasolar.net/) and is proud to be associated in the development of CSP technologies in India.

The design, completed by Ener-t with the support of the consortium members and Acira Solar, includes all types of CSP technologies and components, including parabolic trough, central tower, and linear Fresnel systems. The design also includes provisions for testing a wide range of thermal transfer media, including thermal oil (HTF), molten salt, and direct steam generation. The design also includes various and advanced thermal storage systems, as well as facilities for the development and testing of new storage technologies.

With the subsequent implementation of the project, India will have a world-leading R&D center to lead the effort of cost reduction of the CSP systems, to localize the technology, to gain from the reliability and the dispatchability advantages that CSP offers, and to integrate it into the national grid for the benefit of the industry and the people of India.

Ener-t International has 30 years of experience in CSP. The team of Ener-t has been integral part of the worldwide development of concentrated solar thermal power plants from their initial industrialization and commercialization in the early 1980’s. Ener-t’s engineers and scientists were important members of the team that pioneered the technology development, engineering, construction, operation and, maintenance of the world’s first commercially successful solar thermal power plants with a total capacity of 354 MW in the Mojave Desert in California USA, known as the SEGS project. These plants of capacities ranging from 14MW to 80MW net each have been in continuous operation since they were first built in 1984 and since then have been generating electricity to reliably power more than 200,000 homes in California. These plants still act as the benchmark for CSP plant performance and reliability.

We spoke with Ener-t Founder and Chairman Yehuda Harats.

“We won this contract for the National CSP Solar Center in Rajasthan, India after an aggressive international tender. The center will support India in its program to become world leader in CSP,” says Harats.

For Ener-t this is the second win in India. The company is already well advanced in the construction of a 50 MW plant in Rajasthan, India as a consortium EPC contractor. In addition Ener-t served as the technology provider, the engineering designer and the supplier of the solar field for the project with Ener-t’s own parabolic trough collectors, model ES-3.5.

“30 years ago, working at Luz, our people built the largest solar thermal energy generating facility in the world, which is successfully operating still today – 9 Solar Energy Generating Systems (SEGS) in California’s Mojave Desert with the combined capacity of 354 megawatts,” says Harats, who at the time served as the Executive VP of Luz, and pioneered thermal solar technology.

Ener-t Collectors in Rajasthan

So how is Ener-t able to stand up against the declining tariffs for renewable power and win major solar projects? “Thanks to our many years of experience, proven, bankable and innovative technologies and competitive pricing, we bring customers an attractive offering,” says Harats. The company has developed a next generation CSP Parabolic Trough technology. “We achieved annual efficiency of 20%, together with a 30% capacity utilization factor, a world record that makes our projects profitable even at lower tariffs, and easier to finance,” says Harats.

Ener-t construction in Rajasthan

The company’s latest innovations include thermal storage systems, which enable solar power plants to stay active at night, as well as a patented hybrid solution with biomass, gas or any other type of fossil fuel, which enables plants to generate power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Ener-t is proud to take part in this important project

Source: http://www.enertgroup.net

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