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Dish Frame Of First 1 MWe Dish CSP Plant Has Been Installed Successfully in China

Report from CSPPLAZA:

Most of the dish frames of first 1 MWe dish CSP demonstration project at domestic, invested and constructed by Xi’an Aero Engine (Group) Co., Ltd., located in Potou Industrial Park, Tongchuan City, has been basically installed recently.

According to the introduction of relevant principal person in Xi’an Aero, at present, Some dish Stirling engines have also been ready to be installed. Meantime, the civil engineering in park has been basically completed. According to the plan, mirrors will begin to be installed in March. It is expected to enter the demonstration application stage formally this year .

In addition, for the inconvenience of installing dish CSP technology energy storage system, Xi’an Aero is also seeking solution positively. According to the introduction of Xi’an Aero, they are currently considering combining the gas or other heat sources and solar energy. During the day, solar energy will be taken for power generation and at night, other heat sources will be used for power generation so that the system can have a long time continuous power generation or even 24 hours.


Moreover, Xi’an Aeroalso participated in the declaration of CSP demonstration projects and plans to develop a Dish Stirling solar plant with installed capacity 50MW in Gansu Province. Currently, the relevant preparatory work of this project is proceeding, but the specific plan remains to be sure after China demonstration project list and FIT policy are public.

It is known that, Tongchuan dish solar power plant currently is the largest installed capacity dish Stirling solar power generation experiment base at domestic. It was listed in major scientific and technological awards of Shanxi science and technology innovation projects in 2012 . The total investment of this project is RMB 110 million. This project covers an area of 8.2 acres with the building area of 2745 square meters.

As the first dish Stirling solar power demonstration plant with megawatt level , Xi’an Aero Tongchuan dish demonstration project after completion can generate 1.26 million kWh annually. After this plant is put into operation, it not only can complete products test and assessment for providing basis to industrial products stereotypes, but also will provide the basis for the standards establishment of dish solar power industry, facilitating industrialization of dish solar power.

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