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Design Adaption of EuroTrough to Location Site Conditions of China Urat 100MW CSP Plant

Up until today, sbp sonne (schlaich bergermann partner) has developed three different types of parabolic trough collectors of which the EuroTrough collector is the most frequently applied. As one of the most commercialized technology, this collector will also be applied in the 100 MW Urat Solar Thermal Power in Inner Mongolia.

Due to the local site conditions, it was necessary to completely re-engineer the design: Especially due to the extremely high wind loads, influence of high altitude on air pressure as well as large temperature range which all had to be considered for the changes. The common procedure of upscaling the existing design, which has been done previously in many existing trough power plants, would have been uneconomical if it was employed in the case of Urat. However, adopting the contrary brutal strategy of neglecting the high wind loads, as major competitors always obviously pursue, significant amount of risk would induce which would never be an option for sbps‘choice in view of safeguarding client’s investment.

In view of the elaborated facts above and an aggressive time schedule, client has decided to invest into a structural optimization, which resulted in a significant reduction of steel mass required for the collector, merely due to consideration of more diversification of parts and components, optimization of solar field arrangement, i.e. sloped terrace which reduced step height, etc.

Due to the sufficient time, efforts and investment engaged, relevant engineering design has made prominent contribution to the process of the collector which resulted in a most competitive, cost-effective and safe collector design, targeted for most Chinese CSP hot spots with high wind loads.

The reengineering of the collectors is currently finished while fabrication is well underway.

Figure : sample for design diversification of EuroTrough Collectors in the loop (indicated by color)

Source: https://www.sbp.de/

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