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China CSP public welfare research tour: – Shanghai Yuzhi Electrical Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Reported from CSPPLAZA: “The corrosion and instability of molten salt will seriously affect the safety of solar thermal power plants, unless these problems can be effectively resolved.” Zhou Haijun, General Manager of Shanghai Yuzhi Electrical Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Shanghai Yuzhi”) said, “Corrosion – resistant materials are only one way to deal with this problem, and CSP industry should focus on solving this problem from the perspective of the purification of molten salt products.”

On September 1st, CSPPLAZA VIP member national tour research team visited Shanghai Yuzhi Electrical Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., which is the sixth station of the first phase of this activity held and sponsored by CSPPLAZA and Beijing TRX Solar Technology Co., Ltd. respectively. Zhou Haijun elaborated his point of view above to the research team .


Under normal circumstances, the color of molten salt will change from colorless transparent into yellow, or even reddish-brown in the condition of high temperature and long-term operation. This is due to its high temperature instability and high temperature decomposition products dissolved in molten salt will cause color deepening. In particular, the decomposition products of molten salt under high temperature conditions are mostly corrosive substances, such as oxygen, nitrogen oxides, etc., will further increase the corrosion on metal materials. At the same time, the corrosion product will also dissolve in molten salt, or precipitate out, which will affect or even threaten the safe operation of power plants.

Shanghai Yuzhi finds that the corrosion of molten salt is not directly from chloride ion which is widely believed in this industry, but from the synergistic reaction between the chloride ions and other impurities such as water. But just removing chlorine not only increases the cost of molten salt, but also can not fundamentally solve the corrosion problem of molten salt. Shanghai Yuzhi’s molten salt purification and corrosion control technology can effectively block the synergistic effect of chloride ions and other impurities, and significantly reduce the corrosion of molten salt.

Zhou Haijun pointed out that we need to analyze the denaturation and corrosion mechanism of molten salt to improve the quality and stability of molten salt and reduce corrosion. Shanghai Yuzhi, a professional molten salt chemical industry enterprise, develops and designs a series of high temperature molten salt related equipment and systems, successfully solves key technical issues about molten salt, including melting, purification storage, analysis&testing and so on.


It is understood that the current business of Shanghai Yuzhi in application of molten salt mainly contains three parts: quality testing, operation&maintenance and loading.

In the aspect of quality monitoring of molten salt, it has established the quality evaluation system, and perfected quality evaluation methods and equipment for composition analysis, performance testing and corrosion evaluation of molten salt and so on. As for melting and loading, in addition to its melting function, it also integrates the technology of purification and performance enhancement, which can effectively improve the high temperature thermal stability of molten salt and reduce its corrosion. About the operation and maintenance, they can significantly improve the quality of molten salt in operation by adding microscale amounts of nitric acid molten salt corrosion inhibitor and stabilizer.


As a VIP member of CSPPLAZA, Shanghai Yuzhi received the plaque issued by the Chief Editor from CSPPLAZA in this research activity.

Note: This tour research activity is positioned as a public welfare activity for the industry and in the next more than a month’s time, CSPPLAZA will visit and research its dozens of platform member units through four stages. The purpose of this activity is to have a more objective, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the survival state of the enterprises in the CSP industry in the current market environment, to explore the status and problems of the CSP market in the eyes of the enterprises, to learn from the enterprises’ proposals and opinions for the industry’s development; to excavate and propagate more extensively the enterprise strength of the industry, and to create a better media environment for the healthy development of the industry.

Reports will be released after the research, so as to pass the real demands and voices to leaders of the relevant government and industry authorities and provide true and reliable information references for the government’s decision-making.

Brief Introduction of Shanghai Yuzhi Electrical Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Yuzhi Electrical Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. provides customers with professional molten salt chemical technology and equipment, specializing in molten salt quality control technology and R&D of high temperature molten salt chemical equipment, covering quality testing, operation&maintenance and loading as well as the operation of the whole process of molten salt quality monitoring and maintenance services. In the future, the Division is committed to the design and development of ultra-high temperature molten salt heat transfer and storage materials and energy storage system.

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