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CSPPLAZA First CSP Professional Training Class

Report from CSPPLAZA

On January 19, 2016, the first CSP professional training class was held in Beijing, organized by CSPPLAZA and co-organized by SolEngCo, a German CSP consultancy institute. Wang Jixue, vice director of renewable department in China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, attended and made a opening speech in this training.


Figure 1: Wang Jixue

There are more than 50 representative trainees in total from China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd, Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd, Rayspower, DCTC, Beijing TeraSolar Photothermal Technologies Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sunhome New Energy Co., Ltd., University Of Science And Technology Of China, Hubei Electric Engineering Corporation, Norendar International Ltd., Royal Tech CSP., Hebei Electricity Design Institute., Bai Ji Rui(Tianjin) New Energy Co.,Ltd., TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Huaneng Clean Energy Research Institute, Nanjing CNI Energy Engineering Company Limited, Broad Youth, Hebei Energy and Engineering Design Institute, etc.


Figure 2: Training Scene


Figure 3:Group Photo

This training lecturer is Miroslav Dolejsi, project manager of famous CSP plants like Andasol, one of participants in many CSP projects like Noor series (Miroslav Dolejsi previously served as Vice General Manager for the pioneer CSP Company – Germany Fichtner, now Vice General Manager of SolEngCo.) Today, he explains from three aspects, site selection of CSP projects, solar irradiation resources assessment and feasibility study. All attendees have high enthusiasm to ask solar industry questions and Mr. Miroslav answers to each question in details.

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