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CSPPLAZA 2019 Offline Activity Plan Released, Welcome for Cooperation

Reported from CSPPLAZA: At the end of 2018, CSPPLAZA2019 annual offline activity plan is officially released, company or organization can contact us for cooperation if your direction of market and actual needs coincide with our service.


CSPPLAZA Meeting (CPM event) has been held for three consecutive years. It is scheduled to be held before the Lunar New Year. It is relatively more focused on content setting; it emphasizes free communication and enhancement of friendship in the design of the conference can serve best for people inside CSP sector to embrace the New Year together.


CSPPLAZA Training (CPT activity), has successfully held for three phases. CSP is a typical technology-intensive industry. By inviting CSP experts at home and abroad, CSPPLAZA organizes various training courses from time to time to meet the learning needs of people inside CSP sector. The training has been held for three phases with 200 trainees benefitted.

3、 Investigation

According to the development needs of CSP industry, CSPPLAZA will organize overseas investigation and communication, one of which was the 2017 China-Europe CSP demonstration Match making Conference of Construction Technology in May 2017, in Madrid, Spain. A total of 68 representatives from China and Europe attended the event. In March 2019, the event will restart.


CSPPLAZA Conference (CPC event) has been held for five consecutive years and is scheduled to be held in every June. It has continuously updated the record in the number of participants in domestic CSP event. It is more macroscopic and inclusive in its content design, positioning as the international CSP conference with the largest number of attendees, largest scale and highest level at present. People inside CSP sector at home and abroad are welcomed to attend the conference. The register access will open soon.


It is the annual routine activities for CSPPLAZA VIP member, held for two consecutive sessions. From August to October 2017、from the end of August to November 2018, CSPPLAZA successfully completed a field research of 72 VIP member unit in China.

The CSPPLAZA team also serves companies or other organizations for undertaking the offline activities. For example, CSPPLAZA has successfully hosted the third Delingha CSP Conference for the Delingha Government and the Construction Seminar of CSP projects in Tibet for Tibet Development Investment Group Co., Ltd.

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