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CSP training in Spain, 8~ 14, April| CSPPLAZA& Abengoa
2018-12-20 16:29:06    

What knowledge do you need to complete the installation of a CSP plant?

What does it take to commissioning a CSP plant?

What experience is necessary to O&M a CSP plant?

What do you need to consider for the success of a viability study?

The answer is technical and engineering experience. Without technology, you can’t even start at all. And Without experience, you will eventually make the same mistakes that others have made.

As a typical technology-intensive project, the installation accuracy of the project may not be judged in the early stage, but the power generation will show the result; the performance improvement will tell if commissioning work and O&M is Successful; And to do all the work well, we can’t do without the basic technical support and the higher level of experience support.

has develop more than 2.3 GW CSP projects. Besides, more than 760 MW projects are under construction. As the owner of these projects, Abengoa is also responsible for the O&M, Which gave Abengoa very rich knowledge and experience in CSP.


an authoritative media and business platform CSP industrial in China, together with Abengoa, a leading company in global CSP industrial, to hold a three days’ professional training on design, installation, O&M of CSP projects during 8th to 14th,April,2019, at Abengoa’s headquarters and Solucar Complex solar Park in Seville, Spain.

The key for this training is to make trainers deeply aware of the complexity of CSP plants and what problems will occur at the level of design, installation, commissioning and O&M of CSP plants.

A three-days training course may not really solve all the problems you will face in the future, but the Significance lies in that it will let you know where the problems might occur and How to prevent these problems?

Activity time

8~ 14, April, 2019

highlights of the activity

A three-day training course on installation, commissioning and operation of power plants was conducted in Seville Solucar Complex solar park, Spain, Training lectures are given  by a group of CSP professional experts from of Abengoa. The course adopts a combination of theoretical learning and onsite training including PS10/PS20 tower plant and 50MW Solnova trough power plant.

plant visit

In addition, 2-3 representative commercial CSP stations in Spain or Morocco will be selected for field visits. which takes two days. Details of station visits will be released soon.


Developers, Investors, EPC, Design institutes and key Suppliers of CSP projects etc.


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