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CMI will exhibiting CPC2018 :Belgium boilers and SGS into Chinese CSP market

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On the basis of long expertise in boilers and heat exchangers design, CMI Solar has been working for years at optimizing the central tower solar receiver technology, offering worldwide Molten Salt Solar Receiver (MSSR) with the quality, flexibility and reliability required by such large scale solar projects. After previous successes in South Africa and Chile, CMI Solar central receiver has been chosen for a 50 MWe Molten Salt solar tower of the Haixi project (also known as “Luneng project”)

In the upcoming China International CSP Station Conference & CSPPLAZA2018 Annual Conference (CPC2018) held on 13~15 June, Beijing, as an exhibitor, CMI will share its experience in Molten Salt Solar Receiver (MSSR) and SGS technology to Chinese CSP insiders, To further understand the CMI heat exchanger and its application in CSP industry, and to explore the opportunity for cooperation, please participate CPC2018 conference.

image:CMI Participated in CPC2017

About the CMI Group

Founded in 1817 in Seraing (Belgium) where it is headquartered, the CMI Group has been an international group specializing in steam generation for 200 years.
It is active in 5 activity sectors: Energy, Defense, Industry, the Environment and Services to industries. CMI is an engineering company providing customized solutions with training and services dedicated to improving its client’s equipment performance. It can rely on 5000 employees and turns over more than EUR 1 billion.

For 50 years, CMI Energy has been on the lead in the development of Heat Recovery Steam Generators behind gas turbines, mainly for combined cycle applications. CMI Energy has also a strong expertise in the design of steam generators for high power concentrated solar power stations (CSP) and in particular in:

• generation and management of steam

• heat exchanges, thermal processes and fluid mechanics

• management of high temperatures, thermal stresses in material.

For more information: www.cmigroupe.com/thermal-solar-receivers

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