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Chinese Feed -in Tariff Policy for CSP Demonstration Projects Finally been released

September 1st, the National Development and Reform Commission finally issued the notice of feed-in tariff policy for CSP plant , the notice said the FIT price for the  demonstration projects is ¥1.15 /Kwh . Meanwhile the notice ratified that the above price is only applicable to the first batch of demonstration projects .The notice also said that local government could take multiple measures such as tax breaks ,subsidies, green credit, land preferential measures for the CSP enterprises to support the fast development of the industry.

By setting the unified CSP benchmarking feed-in tariff policy for the total capacity about 1GW demonstration projects,the National Development and Reform Commission wants to encourage and support a certain size of csp plant , as well as guide enterprises to choose the advanced technology, to develop high quality solar thermal resources and finally decrease the cost of electricity in the whole society as far as possible. The demonstration projects are not only to explore and test the economical efficiency of CSP plant electricity generation and support the healthy development of the friendly and renewable energy,but also help to prevent related industries from heavily relying on policy subsidy and blindly expansion the construction of CSP plant.

At the same time, the National Development and Reform Commission has put forward clearly that after 2019 this FIT policy  will be timely adjusted ,based on the industry development status, cost reduction situation, to further lower the price of the new CSP electrcity .



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