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China’s First Pilot CSP Project Will Embrace Full Commercial Operation in October

Reported from CSPPLAZA: China’s first large commercial-scale parabolic-trough CSP plant——the 50-MW Delingha project built by CGN New Energy will realize full operation in October. The preparation of operation is progressing intensively.

CSPPLAZA, the professional CSP media in China has experienced on site the grandeur of this large commercial CSP plant and will organize a tour to visit the plant during The Third China Delingha CSP Conference organized by Delingha government, co-organized by CSPPLAZA.

The full commercial operation of the CSP plant means the simultaneous operation of solar islands, heat storage islands and conventional islands, marking the official launch of China’s first pilot CSP project. From this point, the project will begin to officially supply power to the grid, its power generation and on-grid power data will begin to be recorded, and its operational effects will begin to be formally reflected.

As China’s first large commercial-scale CSP plant, the actual operation effect will deeply influence the CSP investors’ judgement on the application of parabolic trough CSP technology in China; the experience it offers will be leveraged to China’s future CSP layout from the aspect of policy; it cannot only arouse the confidence of people in CSP industry but also lead the design standard of China parabolic trough CSP technology.

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