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China Operates Its First Large-Scale Commercial CSP Project

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On October 10, China Guangdong Nuclear Power(CGN) officially announced that CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant—— China first large-scale commercial CSP project, starts commercial operation.

Located on a plateau at an altitude of 3,000 meters, the project covers an area of 2.46 square kilometers. It owns 190 loops with more than 9,000 SCEs, consisting of 250,000 pieces of reflectors with a total area of 620,000 square meters.

With a total investment of RMB 1.938 billion(about 280 million $), the project is equipped with 9 hours molten salt energy storage system. It was also the first CSP project that received a preferential loan from the Asian Development Bank.

Ground was officially broken in 2014. The main part of the project commenced construction in August 2015. It was the first to commence construction and also the first to become operational among China’s first batch of demonstration projects. The full operation of CGN’s Delingha CSP Project has entitled China 8th country in the world with large-scale CSP plant, filling the gap of China in large-scale parabolic CSP technology.

For more project information, please click: Project overview of CGN Solar Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant

According to Zhigang Wang, general manager of CGN New Energy Delingha Company, as the project is located on the plateau of 3000 meters above the sea level, the climate poses serious challenge to the construction, especially in winter. The team should not only strive for innovation because of the lack of experience but also break through the harsh climate barrier. They successfully explored a series of concentrated solar power technology implementation solution, creating a precedent globally for oil injection of CSP plant in quite low temperature of winter and greatly shortening the construction period.

Zhigang Wang added that the project is capable of producing some 200 million kilowatt hours annually and replaces more than 60,000 tons of standard coal each year and 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide emission every year.

The operation of CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP plant marks China has taken a great leap in CSP technology and will strengthen its role globally in developing CSP plant and solar energy utilization.

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