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China NDRC formally Releases Official Notice on benchmark Feed-in-Tariff Policy of CSP Industry

Report from CSPPLAZA: China National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) formally Released Official Notice on benchmark Feed-in-Tariff Policy of CSP Industry just now, see below for detailed contens of this notice,

China National Development and Reform Commission notifys on benchmark Feed-in-Tariff policy of solar thermal power industry

NDRC Price [2016] No. 1881a

All Development and Reform Commissions and Price Bureau in Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities,
In order to promote healthy and orderly development of solar thermal power industry, according to the relevant provisions of the “Renewable Energy Law”, now more details about benchmark Feed-in-Tariff policy of China CSP industry are shown as follows,

1, the final electricity price of unified national solar thermal power projects (should have thermal storage system of 4 hours) are settled at 1.15 /yuan kWh (including tax). And this price can only be applied to solar thermal power projects which entered in the final demonstration list organsized by National Energy Administration in 2016.

2, only the demonstration projects which are put into operation Before December 31, 2018 are applicable for this benchmark price.

3, local government are encouraged to take multiple measures such as tax breaks ,subsidies, green credit, land preferential measures for the CSP enterprises to support the development of the industry.

4, based on the industry development status, cost reduction situation, this FIT policy will be timely adjusted after 2019 to further lower the price of the new CSP electricity .

This notice will come into effect from the day the notice is promulgated.

National Development and Reform Commission

August 29, 2016

Here is picture of the notice,


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  1. Dear Jennifer, great news! Do you have an idea when the official list of the demonstration projects may be announced?
    Regards, Klaus

    • Wu, catherine

      in this week ,please follow our cspplaza news and the SINO-foreign CSP group .we will release the demonstration projects list at the first time.

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