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Which Chinese CSP Engineering Firm can be the Next COBRA in China? See the collection of all China Engineering Firms in CSP Industry

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Engineering companies are supposed to act as EPC in various projects in a professional manner, which means these companies are able to perform design, procurement, and construction in a project.

Due to the complex system of a CSP plant, it requires professional engineering companies to participate through out development.

Typical CSP engineering companies share the most part of the international CSP market, such as ACS COBRA(Spain), TSK(Spain), SENER(Spain), and Bechtel(US).

On the growing of Chinese CSP industry, groups of engineering companies that use to deal with electric or chemical engineering enter the emerging CSP market.

Who will be leading in Chinese CSP market? Who will become Chinese “COBRA” or “SENER”? All potential winners are in the following list.

Firms hold by ENERGYCHINA and POWERCHINA have advantages in EPC and especially power island of CSP projects, thanks to decades of technology development and experience in traditional electric engineering and construction. This type of enterprises have won lots of contracts in the 1st batch of China’s CSP Demo Project. Amid many are also expanding abroad market, such as (POWER CHINA) SEPCO III Electric Power Construction Corporation.

On the other hand, contract winners of TES systems are usually engineering companies with experience of chemical system engineering, such as those from the former Ministry of Chemical Industry: China Tianchen Engineering Corporation (TCC), Sedin Engineering Co., Ltd, East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (ECEC), and Hualu Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd, which is the former 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th Design Institute of Chemical Industry Ministry.

Nevertheless, in China, lots of traditional electric design companies who starts with project design now become integrative engineering ventures. Examples are Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd, North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd, Inner Mongolia Power Engineering Co., Ltd, and Northwest Engineering Corporation Limited. Since they are other types of enterprises, they are not included in this list here.





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