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CEO of BrightSource shares the progress & experience of Israel Ashalim project

Reports from CSPPLAZA : BrightSource is an US enterprise which has long been focusing on China’s CSP market. In 2014, BrightSource and Shanghai electric set up a joint venture and actively participated in the first batch of demonstration projects in China,joined together to expand the overseas market and win the bid of Dubai 700MW CSP project. As an international pioneer in the CSP industry, the application of BrightSource’s large-scale commercialized tower technology will also be reconfirmed by the upcoming Israeli Ashalim project.


On 20~22 June 2018, in Beijing, the Fifth China International CSP conference and CSPPLAZA annual meeting (CPC2018), the president and CEO of BrightSource H.David Ramm attended the conference and shares the progress & experience of Israel Ashalim.

Project Profile:



David also shared some interesting things during the course of the project construction, although the plant was built in the desert area, but when it rained, there is a natural drain and it has to be figure into the site. around the tower foundation there are a few old trees could not be removed, and the project was built on a former military site, used as booming practice, so the first thing was to cleaned up the things left on the ground.

Figure:concept drawing

Figure :Aerial view of plot B

Figure:first Heating of absorber

The project has brought many conveniences to the surrounding communities with many infrastructure facilities. The new substation, water natural gas supply, not only meet the needs of the construction of the projects, but also share with the local communities.

For more information please see The video of the speech, 20 minutes long , recommended for viewing.

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