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Juha Ven: Research and development of collector tube applied on system with molten salt medium


The other day, China International CSP Station Conference & CSPPLAZA 2016 Annual Conference (CPC2016) came to a successful close in Beijing. During the conference, Juha Ven, chairman of Huiyin Group, gave a valuable speech on “Research and development of collector tube applied on system with molten salt medium”. Huiyin Group …

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DMS® Technology to Raise Possibility of Melton Salt’s Application in Fresnel System


As one kind medium of thermal storage and heat transfer, melton salt has obvious advantages and has been widely used, especially in commercialized tower solar-thermal power plants, but until now, there is still no practical application of melton salt in the Parabolic Trough and Fresnel solar-thermal power generation system. Although …

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CSPServices Provide Quality Guarantee Solutions of Solar Field with High Collecting Efficiency in CPC2016 Conference


Quality assurance is to help reducing technical and investment risks, improving project performance, competitive advantage for investors and owners, increase production, increase profit margins. We know CSP plant is a long-term investment, large in scale, high in cost, especially for debugging and maintenance. Quality assurance is very necessary to ensure …

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SBP Shares Innovative Layout Strategy of Solar Field in Trough and Tower CSP plants in CPC 2016


There are many approaches to reduce LCOE in CSP plants. Thereinto, the layout strategy of solar field is one of efficient techno economical approaches  and it’s very important  in Trough and Tower CSP plant to optimize cost and performance of CSP plant. SBP develops innovative layout strategies for Trough and Tower plant. Then …

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