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International experience to help China’s CSP market meet cost commitments

Aalborg CSP steam generation system in Spain

With 20 concentrated solar power (CSP) projects in the first phase of China’s five-year plan, the world’s largest electricity producer and consumer paves the way for taking the driver seat of large-scale solar-thermal power generation. Though China’s well-established manufacturing capacity helps foster technology deployment, lack of CSP experience and technology …

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Solar Reserve firmly believes That They Can Successfully Launch CSP Market Of Australia


The US-based developers of the world’s leading solar tower and storage technologies has expressed surprise that Australia’s federal government is pursuing “new coal” plants, saying that solar towers with storage beats coal on just about all fronts. Tom Georgis, the head of international development for SolarReserve, says solar towers and …

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ÅF Aries Energía: “The real experience is the key for a good Consulting and OE services”.


CGSEDC 50MW Delingha, first Project started in the Demonstration Projects, is in execution with a scheduled starting of commercial operation in April 2018, some months before the deadline placed for the demonstration plants. The project is placed in Delingha area with special climatologic characteristics and the center point for solar …

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Exclusive Interview: Current Situation of Recent CSP Empire Spain and the Rising Star China


Exclusive Interview with José Manuel Suarez and Marco Antonio Carrascosa. Reported from CSPPLAZA: When it comes to solar thermal power industry, people cannot avoid mentioning one name, Spain. Recently, this country has occupied a unique position and leading the development of CSP technology across the world, but much to surprise, its …

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