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SaltX develops new energy storage technology to reduce energy consumption and energy storage costs by about 33%


Reported from CSPPLAZA: Recently, Sweden SaltX Technology Company (Referred to as SaltX) introduced a new energy storage technology, which mainly uses the salt crystals and its solution to store and release heat under the action of chemical reactions at different temperatures. This new technology can be applied to solar-thermal power …

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Innovative Thermal Energy Storage benefits waste heat utilization


Tata Steel operates one of Europe’s largest steel production facilities in IJmuiden / Netherlands. Currently, large energy potentials are released to the atmosphere, through intermittent high temperature exhaust gases. Implicit economic benefits of this waste heat remain untapped. Finding an effective way to recover and reuse this energy will not …

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CSP Tower Installation Costs Drop on Heliostat Innovations, Pre-assembly

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Innovative heliostat designs, smart software, and pre-assembly installation methods are cutting material and labor costs while competitive tenders are pressuring supply margins, industry experts said. The estimated levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) of CSP plants fell from around $210/MWh in 2010 to $120/MWh in 2015, according to the U.S. Department …

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