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What Does MinWaterCSP Do to Reduce Cooling System Capital and Operating Costs in CSP Plants?


MinWaterCSP aims to reduce the annual water consumption of a CSP plant through a number of complementary measures while maintaining or even improving thermal efficiency and reducing capital costs. This is done through a holistic combination of next generation technologies in the fields of hybrid dry/wet cooling systems, axial flow …

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New breakthrough for Particle Receiver Which Can Reach and Store a Maximum Temperature of Over 1,000℃!


The Institute for Solar Research tested the particle receiver CentRec for the first time with concentrated solar radiation in the DLR solar thermal power plant in October. In previous tests, the researchers had already irradiated smaller models under laboratory conditions with artificial sunlight. In the Solarturm Jülich, the temperature at the …

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NREL is aimed at mitigating corrosion levels in CSP plants with nickel-based coatings


To store heat and generate electricity,the next-generation concentrating solar power (CSP) plants require high-temperature fluids, such as molten salts, in the range of 550-750 degrees Celsius . At those high temperatures, however, common alloys used in the heat exchangers, piping, and storage vessels of CSP systems are eaten away by …

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DLR inaugurates its Test Facility for Thermal Energy Storage in Molten Salt for Concentrated Solar Power

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 Reported from CSPPLAZA:  Opened on 15 September 2017, the Test Facility for Thermal Energy Storage in Molten Salt (TESIS) is used to test molten salt storage systems and individual components in a globally unique form. One hundred tons of molten salt circulate through the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- …

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Will CSP Plants Operat at 2000℃ by 2019 with New Silicon-based TES System?


Reported from CSPPLAZA: In order to  compete against other renewable energy sources, CSP developers must continue to lower storage costs. Thermal energy storage (TES) has become a key asset for CSP developers. Compared with conventional heat engines, experts are looking for other storage mediums to achieve higher efficiency rates. TES systems represent 10 to …

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