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Signing Delayed PPAs by October not That Simple-Damage may not be ignored


Reported from CSPPLAZA: South Africa’s Department of Energy will sign power-purchase agreements (PPAs) with independent producers of renewable energy (IPPs) by October 28.  It has stalled for more than two years. While the announment raised hopes for some, the conditions placed on the projects will also cause concerns for independent power producers and harm …

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Yumen Xinneng 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Demonstration Project Launches its BOP Construction formally


Reported from CSPPLAZA: On August 31st, Yumen Xinneng 50MW molten salt tower CSP demonstration project launches its BOP Construction formally. Gansu No.1 Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd is responsible for this part , according to the project owner. The fisrt module for the beam-down tower has begun its construction on …

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