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Japan Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Carries out verification testing at Newly Completed Yokohama Works’facility

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) has launched the verification testing to gauge the performance of a solar thermal power system at its newly completed facility at Yokohama Works. The testing of the sunlight and thermal energy collecting performance will be carried out through March 2017 under contract from the Japan’s …

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Thermal power plant a first for Africa

Concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) is able to store solar power generated during day. The company already has two operational photovoltaic solar power plants in the Northern Cape, namely Jasper, which generates 96MW of energy, and Lesedi, which generates 75MW. Addressing the media during an energy tour in the Northern …

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Ilangalethu CSP 1 CSP project

The Ilangalethu CSP1 Project is a thermal renewable energy power station that utilises concentrated solar power (CSP) technology, which uses mirrors to concentrate the sun to produce steam that is used to drive a conventional steam turbine, which in turn drives a generator to produce electricity. The Ilangalethu CSP 1 …

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