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Big Event! Tenders Line up for Concentrating Solar System of Northwest Institute Hami 50MW tower CSP Plant

Reported from CSPPLAZA: China Power Engineering Consulting Group Northwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. (referred to as the Northwest Institute) Hami 50MW tower molten salt power generation project’s concentrating solar system launched its bid opening On February 18, and there are six bidders involved in the bid. The six bidders are as follows: …

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Four Films Show How Employees of Ivanpah Try to Maximize the Electricity Production and Protect the Wildlife

This month the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Station enters its fourth year of producing clean energy for California’s electricity grid. The sprawling site, located in California’s Mojave Desert, spans 3,500 acres and features one of the world’s most innovative and fascinating power production facilities. For Ivanpah’s third anniversary, we are …

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China 100MW Tower CSP Project Opens Bid for EPC,with total amount nearly RMB 3 billion,6 Consortiums Participate in.

Report from CSPPLAZA: On February 8th, 2017, Beijing Guohua Electric Power Co., Ltd. Yumen 100MW molten salt tower CSP demonstration project opened bid for its EPC general contractor. Considering that there are strict bidding qualification requirements, all bidding companies choose to form a consortium to participate in this bidding. All …

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Northwest Institute Hami 50MW Demonstration Power Plant Steam Turbine Bid Opening, Five Bidders Offer Great Different Bid Price

Report from CSPPLAZA: On January 16,2017, China Power Engineering Consulting Group Northwest Power Design Institute Co., Ltd. (referred to as the Northwest Institute) Hami 50MW Tower Molten Salt CSP Power Plant launched steam turbine, steam generator, and generator equipment bid opening . It is reported that there are five bidders …

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Royal Tech Plans to Purchase Hydraulic Driving System for its Two Demonstration Projects, the Purchasing Amounts are 1500 and 768 Respectively

Report from CSPPLAZA: Recently, Royal Tech CSP Limited (short for Royal Tech) plans to purchase hydraulic driving system for its two demonstration projects——Inner Mongolia Urat 100MW thermal oil parabolic trough CSP project and Gansu Yumen 50MW thermal oil parabolic trough CSP project, which are all included in China’s first demonstration …

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