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China CSP public welfare research tour: – Shanghai Yuzhi Electrical Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Reported from CSPPLAZA: “The corrosion and instability of molten salt will seriously affect the safety of solar thermal power plants, unless these problems can be effectively resolved.” Zhou Haijun, General Manager of Shanghai Yuzhi Electrical Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Shanghai Yuzhi”) said, “Corrosion – resistant materials are only …

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CSPPLAZA Tour Research-Know More About High Temperature Pressure Transmitter Used in CSP-The 4th Station in RKS

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On August 31st, the tour research group visited Shanghai Rocksensor Automation Co.,Ltd (referred to as RKS), gaining insight into high temperature pressure transmitter used in CSP. The device is mainly used to ensure the safe performance of thermal energy storage system by measuring molten pressure. The tour …

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Seeking $800 million to restart? Chile CSP Station going through crisis again

Reported from CSPPLAZA: The suspended Cerro Dominador solar plant  in northern Chile is seeking $800 million to restart construction. Last year, EIG Global Energy Partners took it over from Abengoa SA. Fernando Gonzalez, the project’s chief executive officer said , he started pursuing project-finance debt about three weeks ago, and declined to say how …

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Ilanga CSP 1 Station: the first phase of a large solar park complex

Reported from CSPPLAZA:  Due to heavy reliance on dirty coal-fired power stations, South Africa’s CO2 emissions are among the highest in the world. Howerver, the country is accessible to abundance of sun. A new 100MW CSP station in Karoshoek will help to halt its dependence on coal-fired power. In terms of its global commitments to cut greenhouse gas …

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Will CSP Plants Operat at 2000℃ by 2019 with New Silicon-based TES System?

Reported from CSPPLAZA: In order to  compete against other renewable energy sources, CSP developers must continue to lower storage costs. Thermal energy storage (TES) has become a key asset for CSP developers. Compared with conventional heat engines, experts are looking for other storage mediums to achieve higher efficiency rates. TES systems represent 10 to …

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