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Solar field bid of China Hami 50MW project Announced: Consortium of DBC & SBP Ranks First


Reported from CSPPLAZA: August 18th, China, 1st Candidate ( most potential bid winner) of the concentrating solar system (solar field) of CPECC Hami 50MW molten salt tower CSP demonstration project is officially announced.  CSPPLAZA correspondent learned from the bidding that Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd. (hereby referred to as DBC) …

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Will Past Experience of Crescent Dunes CSP Plant Influence SolarReserve’s New CSP Project in South Australia


Reported from CSPPLAZA: SolarReserve proposing to build a $650 million solar thermal power plant in South Australia suffered an eight-month shutdown of a facility using the same technology in the United States.But the State Government is confident it will not experience problems here. California-based firm SolarReserve will fund and build …

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Practical completion of Abengoa for its third concentrated solar power plant in South Africa–Xina Solar One


Abengoa has achieved practical completion for Xina Solar One, which is a 100 MW plant that uses parabolic trough technology to generate renewable and sustainable and dispatchable power from the sun and Abengoa’s third solar thermal plant in South Africa. This power plant features a thermal energy storage system using molten …

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【Bid News】8 tenders competing for EPC of China LuNeng 50MW demonstration hybrid CSP tower plant, SUPCON offers the lowest price of 1.2 billion CNY


Reported from CSPPLAZA: August 14th, ShanDong, bid is open for EPC of a demonstration hybrid CSP tower plant which is scheduled to install in Haixi, 2017. The 50MW project, owed by LuNeng Group, is planned to optimize hybrid power with molten salt thermal storage. There are 8 tenders competing for …

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Official start of field-leveling of Rayspower Yumen Dongzhen 50MW Parabolic trough CSP Demonstration Project


Reported from CSPPLAZA: Recently, the early field-leveling of Rayspower Yumen Dongzhen 50MW Parabolic trough CSP Demonstration Project has been officially started. The construction plan of this project is to level off the site and to set up eight steps along the north-south direction (site slope:1.5 per thousand). The total sum …

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China officially discloses 20 CSP demonstration projects progress Urge Speeding up Installation


Reported from CSPPLAZA: August 8th, several high-rank officials from CNEA and EPPEI openly comment on current progress of China’s first batch of CSP demonstration projects and give suggestions to speed up installation. Chinese government expresses concern on the behind-schedule projects, yet shows full support to building and completing CSP industry …

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