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Keeping Self-Motivated Forward in the Process of Developing Commercial CSP Projects in China

Report from CSPPLAZA By Summer Yang Updated: 20-July-2015 photo:SHOUHANG’s 10MW molten salt tower plant, located in Dunhuang, Gansu province, being under construction now  Chinese commercial CSP projects are facing the various obstacles from technologies, policies and experience, etc. How to make a breakthrough? We must seek out a breakthrough by …

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$30 million plant would use the sun to recycle tainted irrigation water

Source: fresnobee Date: 17-July-2015 HIGHLIGHTS: HydroRevolution plant would be built on 35 acres near Firebaugh Mirrors focus sun’s rays to distill pure water from brackish runoff Water would be re-used by farms; salts would be processed and sold Betty Hurley Lindeman of Panoche Water and Drainage District passes the WaterFX demonstration …

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New heat transfer fluids: Increasing performance in solar thermal power plants

Autor: José González-Instituto IMDEA Energía Current commercial concentrating solar power (CSP) plants are still largely based on mineral oil parabolic trough technology, developed nearly 30 years ago, and molten-salt and direct steam generation towers [1]. At the same time, Fresnel technology has not fully developed its complete potential achieving a …

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