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Ultimate Trough + Moten Salt,Tibet Gongga 50MW CSP Plant Feasibility Review Proseminar Was Held in Beijing

In November 30th, Tibet Gongga trough 50MW CSP plant feasibility review proseminar was held in Beijing. The project is the first large-scale commercial CSP project in Tibet, developed by TDI(Tibet  development investment group), although the project had not selected for first batch of demonstration project, but they did not stop the …

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Spain Ibereolica’s CSP units declares bankruptcy

Spanish renewables group Ibereolica this week declared voluntary bankruptcy proceedings for seven out of its 11 solar thermal power subsidiaries, according to announcements in the Official Gazette. CSP park. Author: Shayan (USA). License: Creative Commons, Attribution 2.0 Generic. The process concerns Ibereolica Solar, Ibereolica Solar Badajoz 2, Ibereolica Solar Medellin, …

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Exclusive Interview: Current Situation of Recent CSP Empire Spain and the Rising Star China

Exclusive Interview with José Manuel Suarez and Marco Antonio Carrascosa. Reported from CSPPLAZA: When it comes to solar thermal power industry, people cannot avoid mentioning one name, Spain. Recently, this country has occupied a unique position and leading the development of CSP technology across the world, but much to surprise, its …

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