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A Novel Pilot Project With Concentrated Solar Power For Wastewater Treatment In Arizona


Reported from CSPPLAZA: A novel test project 98 kW Heat2Hydro–Rackam test wastewater treatment system was started up in Surprise this summer in Arizona. This pilot system demonstrates the use of solar thermal energy to efficiently dry the sludge byproduct generated from wastewater treatment process and to evaluate the effectiveness of …

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NREL is aimed at mitigating corrosion levels in CSP plants with nickel-based coatings


To store heat and generate electricity,the next-generation concentrating solar power (CSP) plants require high-temperature fluids, such as molten salts, in the range of 550-750 degrees Celsius . At those high temperatures, however, common alloys used in the heat exchangers, piping, and storage vessels of CSP systems are eaten away by …

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DLR inaugurates its Test Facility for Thermal Energy Storage in Molten Salt for Concentrated Solar Power

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 Reported from CSPPLAZA:  Opened on 15 September 2017, the Test Facility for Thermal Energy Storage in Molten Salt (TESIS) is used to test molten salt storage systems and individual components in a globally unique form. One hundred tons of molten salt circulate through the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- …

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Joint Venture of Shouhang and CNLNPC investing 15 billion to develop CSP projects in China


Reported from CSPPLAZA: September 13th, announcement released by Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd. that the company just signed Cooperation Framework Agreement on Jointly Developing CSP Business with CNNP Liaoning Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (CNLNPC). In the announcement posted late night the same day the agreement is signed, …

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