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Oversea market expanders: a brief analysis on Chinese companies showing enthusiasm over global CSP market

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Though dragged by developing domestic market, Chinese CSP companies still shows enthusiasm towards expanding oversea markets and have since earned great success and respect globally. Hereby we are going to analyze several Chinese companies who have been devoted to promoting China’s  CSP technology, products and project-construction ability …

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Total demand of reflectors for the China demonstration projects to exceed 10 million square meters and orders shall be placed at the latest in July

Series report of key products and equipment of solar-thermal demonstration projects supply chain —-chapiter of reflector  The opening words  Since the announcement of the list of China’s first solar-thermal demonstration projects in September of last year, nearly six months have passed. Many projects (mainly the projects in which the state-owned enterprise …

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Total Annual Production Capacity of Global Main Solar Collector Tube Manufacturers Is About 600,000, China Market May Bring a Reshaping to Global Collector Tube Market.

——A series report of CSP key equipment for China’s CSP demonstration projects: Solar Collector Tube Report from CSPPLAZA: In a parabolic trough or Fresnel CSP system, except for reflecting mirror, heat collector tube is another very important equipment. The great need for heat collector and its critical performance will have …

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A Chinese Company Looking for Cooperation With Overseas CSP Power Island Techology Provider!

A Chinese company look for  cooperation with CSP technology provider to enhance the ability in participating in the first 20 demonstration projects. the requirement is as below, any one who interested in Chinese market ,please contact us. VIP@cspplaza.com Requirements of Potential partners: 1. Real experience in CSP plant; 2. Have …

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Molten Salt Price in China Market Rises 30%, Which Will Cause The Purchase Cost of China’s Demonstration Projects Surges Fiercely.

Report from CSPPLAZA: Lately, due to several factors, the Chinese market price of molten salt products has risen a lot. According to the report from CSPPLAZA journalist, compared to the molten salt price of RMB2990/ton, which is the tender price won in CGN Delingha 50MW parabolic trough CSP project in …

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