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ContourGlobal in Talks With Iberdrola for the Acquisition of Spanish 50 MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant

ContourGlobal confirmed it was in talks with Iberdrola about potentially acquiring a Spanish concentrated solar power plant. The company was responding to press speculation that it was eyeing a 50MW concentrated solar power plant owned by the local utility. Spanish daily El Economista reported that the thermal and renewable power …

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GreenBlu Commercializing Adsorption Desalination Technology With $1.6 Million U.S. Department of Energy Award

GreenBlu, Inc., a water technology company commercializing a new thermal distillation technology, Vapor Adsorption Distillation with Energy Recycling (VADER), announced it is beginning its $1,600,000 award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO). The goal is to advance solar-thermal desalination technologies by reducing the cost and …

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Can Spain Revive the CSP Industry it Killed With the Change of Domestic Political Situation?

It’s the right time to consider what went wrong and what went right with Spain’s previous CSP policy – because an election in June put the renewable-friendly coalition that developed it back in power. Spain’s socialist-led coalition government jump started virtually all the Concentrated Solar Power/CSP deployed in Europe, 2.3 …

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Hybrid cooling system provides new cooling solution for CSP

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants use solar irradiation as a heat source, in a Rankine-type cycle, to produce electricity. Locations that provide optimal solar conditions for CSP plants are generally also characterized by low water availability. Minimizing water consumption therefore becomes an important consideration when designing CSP plants, especially their …

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