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Schott Dismissed Claims against Weihai Golden Solar

Huiyinwins over SCHOTT Solar– in 2014, SCHOTT Solar filed its patent infringement complaint against Weihai Golden Solar (Huiyin) of a bellows construction commonly used by Chinese suppliers, case number 14-cv-02892-MSK-KLM. However, the bellows construction design that Huiyin used was fundamentally different from the patent involved.After fact discoveryby an American law …

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Abengoa Will Likely Need to Sell Many of Its Renewable Energy Projects to Avoid Financial Collapse

A fire sale of Abengoa projects around the world is looking increasingly likely as the Spanish infrastructure developer faces bankruptcy. Abengoa was already planning to sell its Khi Solar One concentrating solar power (CSP) plant in South Africa back in September, according to a shareholder market update filed with Spanish …

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The performance of Cleanergy’sstirling CSP solution has been enhanced through a new dish, designed by Cleanergy.The unit has tested remarkably well and is ready for commercial scale production. The unit, a combination of Cleanergy’s 13 kW engine, the SunBox, and the new dish boasts a power output that exceeds 50% …

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Aalborg CSP launches SGS4 configuration of steam generation systems optimized for molten salt CSP plants

As a result of continuous optimization practices, Aalborg CSP has recently developed the fourth edition of its steam generator technology for molten salt concentrated solar power plants. The upgraded SGS4 system achieves 10% reduction on technology CAPEX and up to €4 million saving on auxiliary equipment for the steam generation …

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OPIC Partners With SolarReserve And ACWA Power To Develop Redstone CSP plant

As part of Secretary John Kerry’s Climate and Clean Energy Investment Forum, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) today signed an agreement with U.S. based energy developer SolarReserve and ACWA Power, recognizing OPIC’s $400 million commitment of debt financing to support the development of the Redstone Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) …

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