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HELIOVIS AG from Austria developed an innovative inflatable solar collector to challenge conventional parabolic trough systems

Report from CSPPLAZA: Over 30 years ago, the first batch of commercial parabolic trough solar thermal power plants were built in California in the 1980s. Until now the glass mirrors dominate all commercial CSP-technologies. However, there has been slow progress to improve the economic efficiency of parabolic trough plants as …

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BrightSource: Power Tower Solar Field Technology Innovations for Optimization and Cost Reduction

Report from CSPPLAZA: “solar field technology is vitally crucial to the performance of CSP plant which will directly influence the costs and benefits of overall CSP plant.” Recently, Joseph Desmond, SVP of BrightSource attended China International CSP station conference & CSPPLAZA 2016 annual conference (CPC2016) and made a speech themed as …

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