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Building the Global CSP Community Initiative to release globally
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Reported from CSPPLAZA: On July 10th, the 2019 China International CSP Conference& CSPPLAZA 6th Annual Conference host by CSPPLAZA, co-hosted by Zhejiang SUPCON Solar Technology Co.,Ltd and Royal Tech CSP Limited, and dinner titled by Beijing TeraSolar Photothermal Technologies Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Suzhou. The conference issued the “Building the Global CSP Community Initiative” to delegates and practitioners in the global solar thermal industry.

The issue of the initiative is to converge and reach industry consensus, and call on the global CSP practitioners to establish common goals, maintain concerted action, and achieve common development! By building the global CSP community, we will work together to stimulate the growth of CSP, promote cost reduction, adapt to the new development of the electricity market, and release the new potential of solar thermal technology!

Simon Benmarraze, Senior Representative of IRENA, Dinghuan Shi, former Chairman of the China Renewable Energy Society and former State Council Counselor, Luis Crespo, Chairman of the Euronovia and former President of the  ESTELA, Rui Sun,Vice President of the Electric Power Planning and Design Institute, Liping Jiang ,Vice President of State Grid Energy Research Institute, Oliver Baudson , Board Member of the German DCSP , Jianxiang Jin,Chairman of Zhejiang SUPCON Solar Technology Co., Ltd., Ke Yu, General Manager of Royal Tech CSP Limited, Yang Ruan, Director of Beijing TeraSolar Photothermal Technologies Co., Ltd., Chengye Bi, Deputy General Manager of Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Co.,Ltd. participated in the initiative.


PIC: Initiative Ceremony

Attached to the original text of the Initiative:

Initiative of Building the Global CSP Community 

In the past two years, the global CSP market has witnessed remarkable results. The CSP supply chain represented by China is maturing,the emerging CSP market represented by China, Morocco and the United Arab Emirates is developing steadily, and innovativeCSP technologies are moving towards commercial applications. Above all these have effectively promoted the cost reduction,the large-scale application and the innovative development of CSP, which are greatly influencing the future development of the solar thermal industry.

However, CSP is facing a more unstable and uncertain situation, as its role and system value in the low-carbon transition of energy are still not widely recognized, which also leads to insufficient policy incentives, financing support as well as market growth. At the same time,the market competition pressure brought by the commercialization of wind power orPVwith storage system continues to increase, and the future development of the CSP industry is facing severe challenges.

Therefore, all the CSP professionals should make efforts and collaborate closely to actively deal with challenges to win a bright future for this industry. On the occasion of the 6th China International CSP Conference, Suzhou Initiative is issued to all delegates and global CSP professionals:

I.Clarify the role and position of CSP in the global energy transformation, and strengthen the awareness of CSP in the world's CSP targeting markets, especially the governments'clear awareness of CSP position.

II.Enhance the inclusiveness of business cooperation, promote the multilateral participation in the development of global CSP projects, work together to promote the cost reduction of CSP, and enhance the collaborative relationship among enterprises in the global industrial chain.

III.Jointly promote the R&D and commercialization of innovative CSP technologies, encourage relevant scientific research institutions and enterprises to carry out in-depth multilateral cooperation,jointly develop and share results, and make realization of breakthroughsin new technologies quickly as a common goal.

IV.Establish an open communication and coordination mechanism and information sharing mechanism. Governments, industry organizations, and mainstream enterprises should take the lead in promoting in-depth exchanges and cooperation in CSP policies, technologies, and standards,etc.

V.Jointly promote the application and development of CSP technology in diversified markets such as clean heating, industrial steam production, petroleum extraction and agriculture to stimulate the growth of CSP, then expand development space of CSP market.

2019 China International CSP Conference

July 10th, 2019

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