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Big news! China Eleventh Chemical Construction Co., Ltd.wins EPC Contract of solar island and conventional island of Rayspower Yumen 50MW CSP project

Reported from CSPPLAZA : On April 13, Rayspower Yumen 50MW parabolic trough CSP project officially announces the winning results of EPC of its solar island and conventional island, and China Eleventh Chemical Construction Co., Ltd. becomes the bid winner.

According to CSPPLAZA previously reported , there were five bidders participating in the tender:

1.China Eleventh Chemical Construction Co., Ltd.;

2.Consortium of China Energy Construction Group Anhui Electric Power Construction Second Co., Ltd. and China Power Engineering Consulting Group Southwest Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd.;

3.Consortium of Suun Power Co., Ltd. and CNOOC Shandong Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd.;

4.China Power Construction Group Nuclear Engineering Co., Ltd.;

5.Consortium of China Nuclear IndustryⅡⅢConstruction Co., Ltd. and Harbin Steam Turbine  Co., Ltd..

According to the public information, China Eleventh Chemical Construction Co., Ltd. is the wholly owned subsidiary of China Chemical Engineering Group which is managed by State Council SASAC, also it is one of China’s top 500 construction enterprises. The company is China’s large-scale petrochemical integrated construction, installation and engineering general contracting enterprises, national high-tech enterprises, the “May 1st Labor Certificate” enterprises. The company was founded in 1962, with the qualification of general and professional contracting on petrochemical and construction and so on, and has direct external management right. At the same time, it also has own the business qualifications of architectural design, pressure vessel manufacturing and non-destructive testing and so on. It is the first time that the company involving in the construction of thermal power projects.

This project began to construct on November 26,2016. The project is expected to enter the substantive construction stage as soon as possible after the tender is determined which is the critical participants of the project.

In addition, the heat transfer and storage island EPC of the project has also officially opened on April 6, a total of six bidder participated in the tender. China Eleventh Chemical Construction Co., Ltd. also involved in the tender. It is expected that the successful bidder will also be identified in the near future.

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