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Beijing Shouhang IHW Will Co-host China International CSP Station Conference 2017

Report from CSPPLAZA: Lately, Beijing Shouhang IHW Resources Saving Technology Co., Ltd. (short for Shouhang IHW), a leading CSP company, has confirmed to attend China International CSP Station Conference 2017 as a co-sponsor.

The role of co-sponsor has always been the hottest sponsorship of CSPPLAZA, whose depth highlights the brand image and credibility of this sponsor.

Self-developed projects are commendable

On December 26, 2016, 10MW tower molten salt CSP project, financed and developed by Shouhang IHW in Dunhuang Gansu, went into operation. This is the third molten salt tower plant around the world and the first in Asia which can generate electricity 24 hours.



On November 9, 2015, Shouhang IHW Dunhuang 100MW molten salt tower CSP plant went into construction before the release of the list of the first batch of CSP demonstration projects. Then, after the release of the list, this project went into a period of rapid advance. On the whole, the progress of this project is at the forefront among all 20 demonstration projects, just second to CGN Delingha 50MW trough plant.



In addition, Shouhang IHW has been developing CSP projects actively. Up to now, it has signed a nearly 2GW CSP projects’ contracts with local governments.

Promote EPC and expansion of overseas actively.

On April 6, 2016, Shouhang IHW won the EPC contractor of CGN Delingha 50MW trough plant’s solar field, becoming China’s the only company who has project achievements of both tower and trough CSP projects.

On January 2017, the consortium of Shouhang IHW and Alfanar stood out from more than 30 competitors, selected into the bidding short-list of Dubai 200MW CSP project.

At the same time, Shouhang IHW, as a EPC contractor, actively participated in the development of other CSP demonstration projects. At present, Shouhang IHW has bidden for the EPC contractor of Guohua Yumen 100MW molten salt tower CSP plant and the concentrated heating system of CPECC Hami 50MW molten salt tower CSP plant.

Push the layout of whole industry chain, cut cost through localization.

The layout of Shouhang IHW’s CSP industry chain is extensive, relying on its Tianjin equipment base and CSP technology R&D teams from Beijing, Shanghai and Spain. The front-end of its industry chain covers R&D, design and manufacture of mirror field, heat absorber, storage system, heat exchanger and control system and the backend includes project EPC and plant development. Shouhang IHW is a rare company devoted to pursue the integration of CSP industry chain.

The strategy of Shouhang IHW’s whole industry chain is expected to establish its competitive position in CSP industry and lower plant’s construction cost effectively.

The strategy of Shouhang IHW’s whole industry chain has played a vital role in the improvement and development of China’s CSP localization, which just corresponds to the theme of CPC 2017 conference——Rise of China: Reestablish a new global CSP ecology.

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