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Azelio targets off-grid with new storage system
CSPPLAZA | CSPPLAZA | 2019-05-28 18:27:21    

Azelio has adapted its thermal energy storage technology increasing its potential application. 

The system, which features a Stirling engine for dispatchable electricity production, has been developed for solar regions, especially areas where the grid is either unstable or does not exist. 

The thermal storage component comprises an aluminium alloy that has phase change material properties. 

The company has modified its system so that a wider range of renewable sources can be received and stored as thermal energy. 

The new solution, which enables electrical heating of the storage device, using the same technology previously used to move heat from the storage device to the Stirling engine. 

Azelio chief executive Jonas Eklind said: “Now that we can charge our storage system with directly sourced electricity, we can reach more geographically varied markets, including Sweden and other parts of northern Europe. 

"We can boost the competitiveness of sustainable alternatives and in this way facilitate the increased use of sustainable electricity.” 

Eklind added that the cheaper solar and wind power become, the more competitive Azelio's solution will be.

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Source: https://renews.biz/

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