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CPC 2017 Speech Series| Fraunhofer ISE: Innovative Single Tank Heat Storage System Makes CSP Plant More Competitive

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Fraunhofer ISE is a non-profit public organization and the largest organization for applied research in Europe, which performing research for the energy transformation. Tom Fluri, director of CSP division of Fraunhofer ISE addressed a speech on Innovative Single Tank Heat Storage System Makes CSP Plant More Competitive …

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CPC 2017 Speech Series| CSIRO: The Only One Complete Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Tower Plant Around The World And Its Innovative Technologies

Reported from CSPPLAZA: It is important for CSP to fit in the integrated and mutually supportive renewable energy network, according to CSIRO, Australian national leading science agency. Working in the middle of university and industry, CSIRO is good at putting innovative ideas into commercialization. Wesley Stein, chief scientist of CSIRO, …

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CPC 2017 Speech Series| EnergyNest: Application Case Studies Of Innovative Concrete Storage System

Reported from CSPPLAZA:As a significant technology advancement, CSP confronts tremendous cost pressure and cost-down of CSP will be an important agenda item going forward. EnergyNest is a company based on Norway, who has been focused on developing new energy storage technology to solve challenges in renewable energy and lower the …

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CPC 2017 Speech Series| Archimede: Applicability Of High Temperature Molten Salt Parabolic Trough Technology In China

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Established on 2007, Archimede solar energy (ASE) is an Italian based company that produces receiver tubes for CSP plants. ASE has a worldwide patent in an innovative CSP technology – molten salt receiver developed together with ENEA. Compared with conventional HTF, molten salt parabolic trough (MSPT) CSP …

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