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TSK Acquires Ingeteam’s Power Generation Plant Engineering And Construction Subsidiary

Reported from CSPPLAZA: Recently, TSK has acquired Ingeteam’s power generation plant engineering and construction subsidiary. With this latest acquisition, TSK reinforces its current capacity to deliver electric power generation plants using both renewable and conventional sources. It is the second acquisition of Spanish CSP enterprises this year after Spanish ARIES …

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Core Data Disclosed Initially: How’s The Performance Of China’s First Commercialized Molten Salt Tower CSP Plant After One-year Operation?

Reported from CSPPLAZA:”Up to now, SUPCON Delingha 10MW tower CSP plant has operated stably, and accumulated electric output has steadily increased. It is worth mentioning that the completion rate of electric output of 98.7% reached highest in November, 2016. The plant has operated for 251 days in 2016 with accumulated …

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A Novel Pilot Project With Concentrated Solar Power For Wastewater Treatment In Arizona

Reported from CSPPLAZA: A novel test project 98 kW Heat2Hydro–Rackam test wastewater treatment system was started up in Surprise this summer in Arizona. This pilot system demonstrates the use of solar thermal energy to efficiently dry the sludge byproduct generated from wastewater treatment process and to evaluate the effectiveness of …

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