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Header-and-coil technology celebrates 10 years leakage-free operation with Aalborg CSP heat exchangers

The Aalborg CSP header-and-coil technology celebrates its 10-years leakage free anniversary in 2019. The company’s first header-and-coil type heat exchangers, used in the Solnova plants near Sevilla in Spain, has a unique design, which is well-known from conventional and power plant boilers. The design reduces the thermal stress profile on …

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NextEra Energy wins dispute against Spain for lost investments of two 50MW CSP plants

The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) ruled on Tuesday against Spain in a case brought by NextEra Energy Inc (NYSE:NEE) regarding the US utility’s lost investments in two 49.9-MW concentrated solar power plants in the Spanish region of Extremadura. The utility’s wholly-owned companies, NextEra Energy Global Holdings …

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A Novel Way to Cut Cost in Tower CSP

The tower form of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is very young technology. Less than a gigawatt is deployed globally, making it a nascent technology at the “Cambrian explosion” stage; multiple innovations are still being explored to cut costs. (How tower CSP works) A new economic study looks at reducing its …

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Solargis illustrates solar resource assessment for China Concentrated Solar Power projects

Solargis makes solar energy assessment simple, reliable, standardized and transparent, to help solar industry be more efficient and cost-competitive on the energy market. Solar and meteorological data, energy simulation services and consultancy offered by Solargis reduce technical and economic uncertainty of solar energy projects, save costs and increase return on …

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