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POWERCHNIA Gonghe 50MW CSP Project strives to connect to the grid by June 30

Reported from CSPPLAZA: As one of China’s first batch of CSP demonstration projects, POWERCHNIA Qinghai Gonghe 50MW molten salt tower CSP project is now under rapid construction. At present, the installation of heliostats and molten salt storage tank has been basically completed and the installation of receiver is in progress. The project is expected to connect to the …

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Solar Energy Isn’t Just for Electricity

Part of the Miraah soler thermal project in Oman. Credit: GlassPoint Solar The industrial processes that underpin our global economy—manufacturing, fuel and chemical production, mining—are enormously complex and diverse. But they share one key input: they, as well as many others, require heat, and lots of it, which takes staggering …

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Statement from Supcon about tank leakage of Qinghai Supcon Delingha 50MW CSP plant 

Recently, some friends in CSP industry at home and abroad inquired about the “molten salt storage tank leakage” problem of Qinghai Supcon Delingha 50MW CSP plant through various channels. We hereby declare that since grid-connection, the main equipments of Qinghai Supcon Delingha 50MW CSP plant run stably including molten salt storage tank. The …

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Dubai Concentrated Solar Power technology inventions accelerate industry cost reductions

Supplier innovations at the 950 MW Noor Energy 1 Concentrated Solar Power project will increase construction and operations efficiency and propel the CSP industry closer to $50/MWh, industry experts said. Last month, the Dubai Electricity Water Authority (DEWA), Saudi Arabia’s ACWA Power and China’s Silk Road Fund reached financial closure …

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