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schlaich bergermann partner sonne gmbh (VIP member of CSPPLAZA) to reach 670MW of concentrated solar power capacity

Since 1980, the year of its foundation, the design and construction of ambitious buildings has been in the focus of sbps work. Its projects range from wide-span light-weight roofs, a diversity of bridges, slender towers, innovative building constructions to pioneering solar power plants. The qualification and sound performance of our …

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International experience to help China’s CSP market meet cost commitments

With 20 concentrated solar power (CSP) projects in the first phase of China’s five-year plan, the world’s largest electricity producer and consumer paves the way for taking the driver seat of large-scale solar-thermal power generation. Though China’s well-established manufacturing capacity helps foster technology deployment, lack of CSP experience and technology …

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A Chinese Company Looking for Cooperation With Overseas CSP Power Island Techology Provider!

A Chinese company look for  cooperation with CSP technology provider to enhance the ability in participating in the first 20 demonstration projects. the requirement is as below, any one who interested in Chinese market ,please contact us. VIP@cspplaza.com Requirements of Potential partners: 1. Real experience in CSP plant; 2. Have …

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ÅF Aries Energía: “The real experience is the key for a good Consulting and OE services”.

CGSEDC 50MW Delingha, first Project started in the Demonstration Projects, is in execution with a scheduled starting of commercial operation in April 2018, some months before the deadline placed for the demonstration plants. The project is placed in Delingha area with special climatologic characteristics and the center point for solar …

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Huiyin’s re-evacuable vacuum technology was written in the book of “Advances in Concentrating Solar Thermal Research and Technology”

Recently, on behalf of the re-evacuable vacuum technology,huiyin ‘s re-evacuable pipe is introduced as a case in the book of”Advances in Concentrating Solar Thermal Research and Technology“ The book is written by CSP experts — Manuel J.Blanco and Lourdes Ramirez Santigosa, the book is meanly about hydrogen permeation and how …

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