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CPC 2017 Speech Series| SBP:Stellio heliostats optimize the economical efficiency of tower plant’s solar field

Reported from CSPPLAZA: China International CSP conference and CSPPLAZA annual meeting 2017 (CPC2017) was held in Hangzhou on June 2017 14~16. During the three days’  meeting,  experts from home and abroad discussed the problems that may be encountered in the first batch of demonstration projects. CSP industry in China is …

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CPC 2017 Speech Series|CSP Value: Challenges during construction, debugging and maintenance of parabolic through plants

Reported fromCSPPLAZA:“In order to avoid that the CHALLENGES becomes OBSTACLES, it is crucial to involve experienced engineers, consultants and supervisors during the engineering, procurement, manufacturing, transportation, construction, commissioning and O&M phase.Continuous control / supervision of EPC and O&M contractor by independent, owners or lenders engineers and supervisors can save a lot …

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CPC 2017 Speech Series|Abengoa: Construction cases and experience sharing of Abengoa’s parabolic trough plants

Reported from CSPPLAZA:The largest and highest level of China CSP international annual event, China International CSP conference and CSPPLAZA annual meeting 2017 (CPC2017) was held in Hangzhou on June 2017 14~16. Javier Perez de  Las Penas, vice president of business development for Asia and the Middle East of Abengoa. Javier …

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Yanqing 1MW Parabolic Trough CSP Project Has Successfully Launched its First Trial

Reported from CSPPLAZA: On May 25th, 1MW parabolic trough CSP pilot project has performed its first trial,and it’s running successfully in the testing park of Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Science (IEECAS), in Badaling, Yanqing. Xu Ershu,researcher of IEECAS, and also the general director of this project, introduced …

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schlaich bergermann partner sonne gmbh (VIP member of CSPPLAZA) to reach 670MW of concentrated solar power capacity

Since 1980, the year of its foundation, the design and construction of ambitious buildings has been in the focus of sbps work. Its projects range from wide-span light-weight roofs, a diversity of bridges, slender towers, innovative building constructions to pioneering solar power plants. The qualification and sound performance of our …

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Innovative Thermal Energy Storage benefits waste heat utilization

Tata Steel operates one of Europe’s largest steel production facilities in IJmuiden / Netherlands. Currently, large energy potentials are released to the atmosphere, through intermittent high temperature exhaust gases. Implicit economic benefits of this waste heat remain untapped. Finding an effective way to recover and reuse this energy will not …

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