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Archimede’s CSP receiver is suspected to infringe the receivers’ patent of Huiyin Group in China

Report from CSPPLAZA: Huiyin group cliamed that thousands of evacuated solar receivers sold by Italy Archimede company to China Tianjin binhai solar-thermal power investment co., LTD (CSPBH) have infringed their patent right in China. Exactly speaking, Archimede used glass metal sealing technology, which, however, has been applied for Chinese patent 201210237216.0 and 201120148937.5 by Huiyin group in the early time. Thereby, Archimede is alleaged infringement of patent.

Huiyin said that this new technology that allows austenics steel to be welded to thermal shock resisting borosilicate glass. And this technology reduces the cost of receivers by allowing a widely available glass to be welded directly to an austenitic stainless steel, while improving considerably the thermal shock resistance.


Huiyin has sent a kind remind to Tianjin Binhai Concentrating Solar Power Investment Co. Ltd of the risks that it is facing after it imported thousands of Archimede receivers into China.

Furthermore, “this technology has been described in Chinese Patent No. 201210237216.0 and 201120148937.5, meaning that both China Patents are owned by Huiyin group. Besides, the filing dates of two technologies were July 9, 2012 and May 11, 2011, which is earlier than Archimedes Patent US20150007808 PCT Patent Application Day 2013 on January 22.” Huiyin said.

After careful verification on the website of State Intellectual Property Office of Patent, it’s been found that the application number CN201210237216.0 is corresponding to Method for manufacturing thinning edge of cylindrical metal workpiece; the other Patent Application No. CN201120148937.5 is corresponding to Metal glass sealing part and heat collection pipe adopting same. Patent holders are Huiyin actual controllor Xuehui Kang and Juha Ven.

Huiyin also has kindly informed CSPBH with a formal letter of possible risk they make face as soon as Huiyin learned that CSPBH has imported thousands of this receivers from Archimede.

“Huiyin has paid billions in developing and testing its own unique technology, including: Glass-metal seals, Easy clean AR coatings, Selective surfaces, bellow construction and so on,” Huiyin said, “It has to be clear that Huiyin will not allow companies to illegally copy its technology.”

Note: this news material is provided by Huiyin.

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