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Apply for A Keynote Speech at China International CSP Station Conference (CPC2017)!

Report from CSPPLAZA: CSPPLAZA will hold 2017 China International CSP Station Conference& CSPPLAZA Annual Conference (CPC2017) in Hangzhou, China from June 14 to 16. This is the largest annual event of CSP industry in China. From now on, you can apply for a keynote speech on global CSP industry.

The conference will last for three days. On June 15 and 16, there will be eight sub-forums which now open the application channel for speech delivering, the general meeting held on June 14 does not accept public speaking applications. Members of CSP industry who are interested to make keynote speeches are now able to submit your lecture applications to CPC2017 Organizing Committee.

CSPPLAZA has always attached great importance to the quality of the contents of the meeting, and the offline activities hosted by us never adopt sponsorship for speak lectures. Also, we refuse the speech application from the sponsor on the grounds of their sponsorship. The organizer will determine whether invite the applicants to speak (without any lecture fees) or not based on the qualifications of the applicants, the content of the presentation and the fitness with the conference, we may accept your speech application which can deliver much valuable information to all the participants.

The agenda of this session is extremely rich in content, and it is the most extensive and professional forum of the design of CSP industry. At the meeting General Assembly held On June 14, two central themes will be discussed. One is about China’s role and influence in global CSP market, the other will focus on current situation, problems and experience of China’s CSP demonstration projects. From June 15 to 16, there are eight sub-forums in sequence as follows:

1.pre-development of CSP plants

 2.investment and financing of CSP industry

 3.construction of tower CSP plants  

4.construction of parabolic trough and fresnel CSP plants  

5.matchmaking meeting for overseas technical teams  

6.key products and equipments of CSP plants ( I )  

7.technologies of CSP plants  8.key products and equipments of CSP plants ( II ) .

Through professional and in-depth agenda design and screening mechanism of keynote presentation above, CPC2017 conference will make a new breakthrough in the content and quality of the meeting. With more than 800 participants, 50 exhibitors and 80 speakers attending the conference, CSPPLAZA will achieve the goal of creating large scale, high level and value and in-depth offline activities through holding CPC2017 this year.

ATTACHED: Application Form of A Keynote Speech on CPC2017

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